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Spring rain, wind causes roofing issues for some homeowners

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Employees at Dale's roofing have been doing a lot of inspections, replacements and repairs at homes across the Ozarks.

"It's been very busy this spring. We started off with the heavy rains around Christmas time and it's just stayed busy since then," said Jeff Elam, sales manager at Dale's Roofing.

And as warmer weather approaches, it's not only rain causing headaches for homeowners, high winds are a factor as well.

"Right now it's been a lot of ridge caps being blown off because that area of the roof is more susceptible to the wind. We are also seeing a lot of wind driven rain," said Elam.

Experts recommend homeowners periodically do a visual inspection of your roof to see if anything has blown off or is slipping. Roofing issues left untreated could lead to leaks.

"You'll notice stains showing up on the ceiling. It's always a good idea to call a roofer to come out and check on it," said Elam.

"A Roofer can crawl around in the attic and see where the stain is coming from. A lot of times with the wind driven rain the leak will be coming from one area but the wind blows it to another spot and that's where the stain shows up, so a roofer can come check that out as well," he explained.

And if you have to replace your roof, do your research. Talk to professionals about which products will be best for your home and most resistant to the unpredictable Midwest weather.

"I would definitely recommend going with the architectural shingle, most of them have a 130 mile an hour wind warranty so that definitely helps out with the wind rating and extends the life of them," said Elam.

Experts say roofs older than 20 years are most susceptible to weather related damage.

Original article: http://www.ky3.com/content/news/Spring-rain-wind-causes-roofing-issues-for-some-homeowners-377090621.html

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Quest for roof bids garners rumors of Convention Center safety

(Brad Davis/The Register-Herald) The view of the Beckley-Raleigh County Convention Center from the upper parking lots Thursday evening. The Beckley-Raleigh County Convention Center is 36 years into the 25-year lifespan of its roof officials said Thursday. Those roofs are just supposed to last 25 years so its time for some maintenance Convention Center Board Member Terry Miller said. You can imagine the size of the roof on the dome and thats a big deal. We replaced the conference center roof a few years ago but its time for the main dome to be replaced. Bids are being gathered to replace the dome. A bid was supposed to be put in Thursday evening but the bid amount has not been released yet. We havent had a structural inspection and the building has not been condemned Miller said. Were getting bids and thats all were doing. Concerned local citizen Pete Torrico says he would like to see a structural study done because of the buildings age. There hasnt even been a structural study but Dave McClure and myself have been trying to get a study done. There has never been a study Torrico said. Miller said he would support a study and that they are now accepting bids for the roof-rebuild. As Miller mentioned there were rumors flying around Thursday evening that the arena had been condemned and that the roof was deemed a hazard. Both Torrico and Miller said that is just a baseless rumor that was caused by the search for roofing bids. The Convention Center formerly know as the armory was built in 1962 to house the West Virginia National Guards 150th Armor Regiment. The 150th moved out of the Beckley armory in the 2006 to its current location in Glen Jean. Find original:http://www.register-herald.com/news/quest-for-roof-bids-garners-rumors-of-convention-center-safety/article_3f127985-9cd6-5e9b-bfa9-183f7d4cc688.html Quest for roof bids garners rumors of Convention Center safety Read more on: Elevate Roofing via Elevate Roofing Website Feeds http://dublin.elevateroofing.ie/quest-roof-bids-garners-rumors-convention-center-safety/

How to ensure your roofing has the same color

Most of the information you need to ensure your shingles match is on its packaging. (Metro Creative Services)

In our column two weeks ago we talked about curb appeal for your home and roof shingles were discussed.

B.K. from Prescott Valley sent me a sweet note and asked, “How do you determine what’s outdated in roof shingles?”

With all of the hail damaged roofs being replaced I have noticed some roofs with large areas of different colors and tones than the rest of the roof and outdated colors. Here is the clue for ensuring you are receiving up-to-date shingles for your roofs.

There are many ways that the potential for color variation can be further reduced using some simple shingle installation tips as well.

    As a homeowner you should be aware of the “blend code” on the ends of the shingle bundles. When a shingle manufacturer changes the granule ratios in a blend, the blend gets a new “code,” which is an alpha-numeric designation after the color name; i.e., Heather Brown A02. Products with different blend codes should never be mixed on the same roof, as they will look different. Heather Brown A01 should not be mixed with Heather Brown A02. Although they will be similar multi-toned brown blends, one will be darker, lighter, sharper, etc. relative to the other one.

    Shingle bundles are also identified with a date code showing the date and time of manufacture; this is usually a six or seven digit numerical code on the end of the bundle. It is possible that shingles made one day will have a slightly different coloration than shingles made another day. Therefore, before the shingles are applied to your roof, take a quick look at the production date codes and the same blend code.

    Installation instructions for the application of shingles should be on every bundle wrapper. Not necessary but many manufacturers do this. These instructions have been developed to render what is the most functional and best looking finished roof system. In seeing several roofs in town I am almost sure that a different application technique was used and that is why some of these roofs show streaks, splotches, or patches.

    It is also important to know the manufacturer for the shingles that have been installed on your roof. Have the roofer give you a copy of the Limited Warranty. Provided shingles have been installed in strict accordance with the manufacturers written installation instructions, then the manufacturer will warrant that the asphalt roofing shingles will be free from manufacturing defects for the length of time as specified by the manufacturer.

Want to meet Wally?

Wally is a leak detection fellow that can save your family from experiencing a lot of water damage.

Many of our area homeowners have experienced a pricey water leak in their home. Water damage is one of the most common and expensive home insurance claims. To decrease billions of dollars in property damage nationally every year, and to help homeowners become more educated, aware, and preventive-centric regarding water damage disasters, Sensor Nodes Utilizing Power-line Infrastructure technologies (SNUPI), a Seattle based company, has developed Wally a device that is designed to detect leaks and moisture in residential structures.

How does Wally work?

Wally stands apart since it doesn’t require frequent battery replacement to operate, using a coin cell battery, the system is set to work constantly for 10 years. This is possible by creating an antenna by using ultra-low–power technology. Positioned in various areas where water could leak such as directly beneath a property’s sink, near an area where laundry is washed, around a structure’s water heater, or simply in a basement are the “small, clam-shaped wireless nodes.” An email or text alerts the home owner when something has been detected by the sensors so that an investigation into the potential problem can be immediately launched before any damage is done. Currently Wally is available through the Wally website – wallyhome.com

Installation of Wally is simple. The Wally hub plugs into any electrical outlet and comes with six sensors which can be placed anywhere in the property. Installation must first be initiated by setting up a Wally account and naming the positions where you are going to designate your sensors. Next, the hub is plugged to your network and then you download the iPhone or Android app to use while activating the sensors. The sensors are unnoticeable and inconspicuous. It should be understood that in order for the device to detect water in the first place, either the vertical or horizontal metal contact points need to be touching a surface that could get wet.

Wally is innovative, easy to arrange and simple to use as well. Having such a system in place will clearly help watch out for water leaks, and facilitate fast treatment of any problems detected. For home owners looking to be proactive rather than reactive, the Wally leak detection device is clearly something to look into.

Read more: http://www.pvtrib.com/news/2016/nov/16/ask-contractor-how-ensure-your-roofing-has-same-co/

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Is Your Roof Gaining Weight This Winter?

With record snowfalls and rain accumulation, it is more important than ever to know what the conditions are up on the roof. Facility managers are faced with a number of concerns from flooding to HVAC failures, and, yes, even the potential of a roof collapse. Knowing what is happening on the roof can make all of the difference from easy service to roof failure to full collapse.

It is important to find strong partners that can provide service that keep roofs from gaining the weight of snow loads or high water levels. There are several important steps to keeping the roof safe, spanning from technology on the roof to winter maintenance to all important snow removal. Following are items that should be top of your list for maintaining a healthy weight for your roof.

1. Winter Inspection. Inspecting the roof every year is critical. Identifying trouble areas along with wind, hail, or water damage can save a roof from winter failure. Cleaning drains and removing debris from the roof is essential to keep water from accumulating on the roof or not draining. It has the same effect with snow melt which is even heavier on the roof. Getting roof inspections and maintenance before the harsh winter weather can save money, lives, and headaches.

2. Snow Removal. Work with your vendors to have an ongoing plan for quick snow removal in order to keep unnecessary weight off the roof. With many roof collapses noted in the news during the last couple of winters, facility managers realized that having an established relationship with a national provider results in fast, efficient snow removal saving not only cost but public relations concerns.

3. Monitoring. A key to keeping buildings safe during snow events is consistent monitoring. Having a program set-up ahead of time with a roofing company or network will assure that buildings will be in a pre-planned rotation for snow removal, drain cleaning and overall inspections. It is critical to keep drains clear before, during and after weather events to keep ponding water at a minimum. Standing water can cause ongoing issues not only structurally but for the long-term integrity of the roof.

4. Technology on the Roof. There is a relatively new technology that monitors the roof for snow and water. It is the Roof Monitor™ system. This technology safeguards the roofs of commercial structures and the lives, investments, and businesses that rely on them. It is a technology-based system designed to monitor live loads of water and snow on the roofs of low-sloped buildings and to inform businesses of potential risk. It can be installed onto an existing roof, or when a new roof it being installed.

With the amount of rain and snow that is falling throughout the U.S., taking these preventive steps now will minimize roofing concerns for facility managers and building owners. Work with your vendors to create a strong winter plan for your buildings including the use of cutting edge technology. The ability to monitor the roof from the office for snow and water loads, minimizing weight gain, is not just financially responsible it is critical for building occupant safety.

Read more: http://facilityexecutive.com/2016/11/is-your-roof-gaining-weight-this-winter/

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Interstate Roofing Goes Above and Beyond Giving Away a Roof to a Church in Need!

The following blog post Interstate Roofing Goes Above and Beyond Giving Away a Roof to a Church in Need! is courtesy of http://limerick.elevateroofing.ie

DENVER, Nov. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Interstate Roofing will be installing a brand new roof on Saturday, November 26, 2016 for the winners of the Roofs In Need contest http://interstateroof.com/roofsinneed. But that’s not all! Photo – http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20161121/441539 Father Andre and Interstate Roofing Interstate Roofing will be replacing all 3 of the roofs on the church property! […]

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Elon Musk: Tesla’s solar shingles to cost less than comparable roofing materials

The post Elon Musk: Tesla’s solar shingles to cost less than comparable roofing materials was first published to Elevate Roofing

Dive Brief: Tesla’s textured glass roofing shingles will cost less to make and install then comparable, high-end terra-cotta and slate roofs, Tesla CEO Elon Musk told shareholders last week, according to Bloomberg. Musk’s announcement was the first to follow official shareholder approvalof the Tesla-SolarCity merger, indicating the solar company’s appetite for innovating in the building […]

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Coconuts considered as option for roofing

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Digital models of the coconut roofing sheets. From copra to piña coladas, the coconut has a wide range of uses. Now it is making an appearance as a possible roofing material. A team of students and professors at the Institute of Technology of Colima (Itec) has developed an alternative roofing product made from the husk of the coconut. […]

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Will Tesla solar roofing be cheaper than normal roofing?

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One would hope that Tesla’s sleek solar shingles will financially benefit homeowners after electricity savings are factored in. But they will also, according to Elon Musk, have a lower upfront cost as well. (Rendering: Tesla) When Tesla, the Silicon Valley automaker and energy storage firm founded by billionaire and Mars colonization enthusiast Elon Musk, unveiled […]

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SolarCity roofing might cost the same as traditional shingles

SolarCity roofing might cost the same as traditional shingles Find more on: Elevate Roofing

Elon Musk might make grand statements, but he has a track record of backing them up with results. Like creating reusable spacecraft, for example. But Musk’s latest sentiments about his SolarCity energy company might break that streak. “I don’t want to commit 100 percent to this yet, but it’s looking quite promising that a solar […]

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Lorry sheds its load of roofing tiles on roundabout on A141

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A lorry has shed its load of roofing tiles on the A141 near RAF Wyton. (Photo: Keith Jones) A lorry has shed its load of roofing tiles on the A141 near RAF Wyton. Cambridgeshire police were called at 8.35am on Monday (December 12) to the incident between A141 and B1090 Sawtry Way. Three pallets worth […]

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