Spring rain, wind causes roofing issues for some homeowners

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Employees at Dale's roofing have been doing a lot of inspections, replacements and repairs at homes across the Ozarks.

"It's been very busy this spring. We started off with the heavy rains around Christmas time and it's just stayed busy since then," said Jeff Elam, sales manager at Dale's Roofing.

And as warmer weather approaches, it's not only rain causing headaches for homeowners, high winds are a factor as well.

"Right now it's been a lot of ridge caps being blown off because that area of the roof is more susceptible to the wind. We are also seeing a lot of wind driven rain," said Elam.

Experts recommend homeowners periodically do a visual inspection of your roof to see if anything has blown off or is slipping. Roofing issues left untreated could lead to leaks.

"You'll notice stains showing up on the ceiling. It's always a good idea to call a roofer to come out and check on it," said Elam.

"A Roofer can crawl around in the attic and see where the stain is coming from. A lot of times with the wind driven rain the leak will be coming from one area but the wind blows it to another spot and that's where the stain shows up, so a roofer can come check that out as well," he explained.

And if you have to replace your roof, do your research. Talk to professionals about which products will be best for your home and most resistant to the unpredictable Midwest weather.

"I would definitely recommend going with the architectural shingle, most of them have a 130 mile an hour wind warranty so that definitely helps out with the wind rating and extends the life of them," said Elam.

Experts say roofs older than 20 years are most susceptible to weather related damage.

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