High school middle school roofing project bids approved

The Prior Lake-Savage Area School Board approved bid results for roof improvement projects at both Twin Oaks Middle School and Prior Lake High School. McPhillips Brothers Roofing and Schwickerts/Tecta America were identified as the lowest responsible bidders for the projects. Director of Operations Transportation Health and Safety Jim Dellwo presented the results of the bidding process recommending McPhillips Brothers Roofing's $1.8 million cold process roofing project for the high school which might reduce any strong odors during the roofing process. With the size of the project we thought we would use that alternate as our base because if we extend into the school year which is a possibility depending on the weather the low odor would be great for the building Dellwo said. The board also approved a $138000 bid from Schwickerts/Tecta America to work on the Twin Oaks Middle School penthouse panels. Read more:http://www.swnewsmedia.com/prior_lake_american/news/education/school_board_briefs/high-school-middle-school-roofing-project-bids-approved/article_1db02db2-b5c3-573f-86c1-24ff393cd502.html The following blog post High school middle school roofing project bids approved was first seen on wexford.elevateroofing.ie via Elevate Roofing Website Feeds http://wexford.elevateroofing.ie/high-school-middle-school-roofing-project-bids-approved/